lately around here – a poem by Brandon Straun

lately around here – a poem by Brandon Straun

Let us go on hangdog

aimless strife of downtrodden minds
filled with carbon monoxide
fast loud mouths gesticulate in glee
wild naysayers’ lips
thrash around in
neat choreography

scrambled symbols each
more indecipherable
than the last
please pass me that
shard of glass

barrage of syllables
uttered unintelligibly
vowels to undermine
my soulless slave self

child soul buried inside
countless layers beneath compost
stench of wrong decisions
karma unlikely host
amorphous dreams squelched out
vantage of eyeless hatred
still devout

you can see it
hoard of animated flesh
speaks beneath bowels
recite aloud row five
with left eye closed

flesh puppets rewind
tape recorders for mouths
vox of poisonous rancor deafens
until the needles heal again
motherless body in morgue
left indisposed

cheap magician
cuts assistant into thirds
man eating crow
with a side
of humble pie
digests deception

dollar whore
in a dime store

chipping monotone peels lead paint
all light sealed off from heart
nary a single ray shone
not one molecule of protein
in this famished organism

impervious purple pointillist
painter portrays preposterous
perpetuity in perplexing
paradigms then
pees in the bed

drowning under rotten vagina juice
dripping from a garbage truck
my immaculate misconception
trailing stench down cobbled rows
of tenements deconstructed
by evicted women

soiled laundries hung out to die
various sundries on display
only rats eat plentiful here
players’ wrecking ball
ripe price of admitting fear
in suffocating mask
empty hall

the other of folk becomes abyss
ring worms dwell in grey matters
circular exchange for mutual disdain
coupons expired yesterlore
glue your eyelids shut
conceal a flask
ten small sips of water
to cure your hiccups
that is all

relentless nagging tonic of half life
slurred words of unreason
hard sold vicious illogical device
let’s be lonely friends
drink up just for today
lose my number

candy coated cyanide lozenge
pure oral pleasure festival
taste my sweet disease
emptiness all dressed up
nowhere to bend over
body asunder

venereal mouths maneuver an earlobe
whispering raspy strings snap
masquerading wanton affections
so smooth be
gas me up

inner sanctum of petroleum
plastic baggie without paper
I just can’t get it loose
inside silk pink pocket
cotton ring box

the only way down

is to opt out

only regret is

signing up

for this

Written December 26th, 2017 by Brandon Straun

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